Working to create the most innovative businesses in the world to ultimately accomplish greater purpose in life.

Founded in 2008, with a team of experienced executives, we take on client partner challenges with our expert professional services staff, serving small and mid-sized businesses. We provide start-ups and mid-sized growth companies entrepreneurial and software services that will have an immediate impact on businesses revenue or productivity.

Working to streamline our clients' operations, we created the first version of our product eTransmittal, solving a common business problem.

From small businesses to large enterprises, secure file sharing and organization seems to be an every growing challenge. Simply moving, or even worse, replicating your folder structures from your file servers to the internet is not a solution.

Back in the day where files were fewer and smaller, the folder structure systems worked fine. With the exponential growth of data, the folder system's mutually exclusive nature breaks down very quickly.

eTransmittal is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that lives and stores everything online providing a way to exchange documents between companies leveraging the power and flexibility of a database. With integration with SharePoint, OneDrive and others, companies quickly gain valuable organization and security of their controlled files. Examples of this are engineering firms that exchange and keep track of CAD drawings for a project; law firms gathering sharing sensitive client files; and accounting firms gathering and sharing financial info.


bWERX Team Member Justin Culver

Justin Culver

Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur and internet visionary

bWERX Team Member Phil Lund

Mark Eagle


20 year software executive and entrepreneur

bWERX Team Member Phil Lund

Phillip Lund


Private and public sector executive